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The Lives We Change


From Homelessness to Hope: Dakota's Inspiring Journey! 

Dakota faced the challenges of homelessness for over two years, navigating a journey filled with resilience. His determination led him to stable housing, a transformative milestone in his life. In this pivotal moment, Christy stepped in as a guiding light, offering Dakota a Home Starter Kit.

Home Starter Kits are not just packages; they are symbols of new beginnings. Filled with household essentials like cleaners, a vacuum, towels, blankets, silverware, kitchen essentials, pots, pans, and even a welcome mat, these kits are designed to empower individuals like Dakota who, despite finding stable housing, might struggle to afford the basics for their new home.

Dakota, your journey is an inspiration to us all! Congratulations on your new home—a testament to the strength within you. May this be the beginning of a chapter filled with comfort, warmth, and endless possibilities!


Empowering Journeys: Catherine's Triumph with Community Support! 

In the face of adversity, Catherine's story unfolds as a testament to resilience, community support, and unwavering determination. Thanks to the collective efforts of Christy, Jon Stierwalt at Gateway Autoplex, and the impactful Cares Act, Catherine's dream of owning a car became a reality.

For months, Catherine faced the challenges of caring for her grandbabies, who battled the hardships of COVID. Amidst her own fight against the virus, the absence of a car added an extra layer of difficulty. Enter Christy and Jon, who, through their hard work, dedication, and the support of the Cares Act, provided Catherine with the means to care for her grandbabies more effectively.

In Catherine's words, "Praise the Creator! This is a blessing! I can take my grandbabies everywhere! Their immunotherapy appointments, grocery shopping, everywhere! Thank you!"

Catherine, your journey is an inspiration to us all. Congratulations on this well-deserved victory! May your new wheels bring you endless joy and ease as you navigate the road ahead.

Catherine Grey Day.jpg


Overcoming Challenges:
K's Triumph with Unyielding Support! 

In the face of adversity, K, a resilient 34-week pregnant mother, found herself at numerous dead ends while navigating a challenging journey. Diagnosed with a kidney tumor, she endured frequent trips from Belle Fourche to Sioux Falls, lost her job due to pregnancy complications, and faced financial struggles with no income. The weight of caring for her two-year-old amidst this turmoil became overwhelming.

Amidst the maze of agencies, referrals, and challenges, K found a beacon of hope in Desiree at our Spearfish satellite location. With unwavering dedication, Desiree became a guiding light for K, connecting her with essential programs tailored to her needs. Through SD Cares, gas costs for crucial state-wide appointments were covered, and additional programs paved the way for K to rebuild her life after welcoming a healthy baby girl on September 14th.

Grateful for the support, K shared, "I finally had someone that would talk to me face to face and help. I don't know what I would've done without Desiree and the Cap office."

K, your resilience is truly commendable, and your journey is an inspiration. Congratulations on the arrival of your healthy baby girl! May the support you've received continue to empower you as you navigate the road ahead.


Rising Stronger:
Dwanna's Journey to Stability! 

Dwanna's story is a powerful testament to resilience and transformation. Upon her release from prison, she embraced the reentry program, determined to rebuild her life with positive actions. Guided by the unwavering support of Christy at WSDCA, Dwanna's journey towards stability took a remarkable turn.

Christy played a pivotal role in securing Dwanna's SSI, SNAP, and even provided essential support like a TEFAP food package and a Home Starter Kit. With these resources, Dwanna not only found stable housing but also regained a sense of confidence and well-being.

Way to go, Dwanna! Your commitment to positive change and the strength you've shown are truly inspiring. May this be just the beginning of a chapter filled with continued success and newfound opportunities!

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